SBI ATM response code 088 or 88 means that the ATM is unable to read your card which usually occurs when your ATM card is inactive, bent, or scratched.

A response code is a two-digit code that the bank returns for each transaction processed through the CAS payment gateway. This ATM response code identifies the reason why a payment is approved or declined.

To fix the ATM response code 088, make sure you are not using a damaged SBI debit card or it’s not expired. You can also try using a different ATM or contact SBI Bank to resolve this error.

This article will guide you through the reasons for response code 088 and the things you should do to resolve this “Unable To Process” error.

Reasons For Response Code 088

Reasons For SBI ATM Response Code 088

There are two reasons for the 088 response code in SBI ATM, they are ATM is unable to read your card or you are using an old magnetic strip card.

So, if you are going to an ATM for cash withdrawal and you get the receipt with response code 088 then you are facing either one of these two reasons.

Reason 1 – The ATM is Unable To Read Your Card

The SBI ATM will refuse to read your card if you are using a damaged debit card to withdraw cash or perform other transactions at the SBI ATM.

You can also get a 088 response code if you using your SBI debit card for a long time or if the ATM card reader of the bank is not functional.

Generally, we keep ATM cards in our wallets without paying proper attention to the chips due to which the memory chip on the card gets damaged and stops working.

The solution to this problem is simple, get a new SBI ATM card.

Here’s how you can apply for a new SBI ATM card.

Reason 2 – Old ATM Card With Magnetic Strip

The other reason that you can have if you are getting atm response code 088 is an old magnetic strip card which has already been discontinued by banks due to low security features.

All banks started EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) chip ATM cards to maximize the card’s security and protect their customers from fraud.

So, check your debit card and if that’s a magnetic strip card you won’t be able to use the card and every time you try to use it in an ATM, you will get an atm response code 088, meaning “Unable to Process”.

How To Fix The SBI Response Code 088- Unable to Process?

To fix SBI error code 088, you will have to perform the following troubleshooting:

Check If Your Card Is Damaged

The very step that you should perform is cleaning your card with a soft cloth and then trying again for an ATM transaction. If your card is not damaged, the ATM machine will read your card and you will be able to perform the transaction successfully.

However, if cleaning the ATM card doesn’t fix the error code 088, check for bents and scratches on the chip card which usually happens when you keep your card in your wallet.

In such a case, you must apply for a new SBI ATM card to solve your problem.

Check Your SBI Card’s Expiry Date

You should check your card’s expiry date if your card has no bents or scratches. The expiry date is usually on the front of the SBI debit card while some banks can have the expiry date on the back of the card.

If your card has already expired, you should apply for a new card.

Try Using Your Card At Another ATM

You should try using your ATM card at another ATM if your card is neither damaged nor expired. Sometimes, the ATM machine can also have issues which could lead to showing an error code without any fault with your ATM card.

Contact SBI Bank

If you have tried the previously mentioned steps and nothing worked for you then it’s time to reach out to your SBI bank branch – either call them or visit the nearest SBI branch.

The SBI bank staff are the most qualified persons to identify the actual problem leading to the error code and advise you with the next steps.

Can I Take Out Cash Without My SBI Debit Card?

You can encash without using your SBI debit card and for this, you can either use the SBI YONO App or SBI Bhim QR code for payment.

  1. You can withdraw cash up to ₹20,000 using SBI YONO, a cardless ATM transaction that everyone likes.
  2. You can also use the SBI BHIM QR code for payment but to activate this, you will have to log in to your SBI Net banking and scan the OR code from there to perform the transaction.


If you are having an issue with your SBI Debit card transaction and getting an error code 088 -unable to process, applying for a new card is the best solution.

Even if your card worked after cleaning the chip, receiving an ATM error code is a clear indication that it can show the same problem again in the future.

There is certainly something wrong with your SBI card, and you must not wait for the time when it completely stops working when you are in urgent need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ATM Response code?

The ATM response code is an Error Code message provided by an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) indicating a problem with the transaction or the ATM machine itself.

If you are receiving an ATM error code, check our guide on the SBI ATM Response Code list.

What does it mean when a transaction is declined in SBI ATM?

When a transaction is declined in an SBI ATM, it indicates that the card issuer didn’t authorize the cardholder’s account.

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