SBI Debit Card PIN Generation: SMS, Mobile Banking, Internet banking, Call & ATM

SBI debit card PIN Generation is a way to activate your SBI debit card and perform a secured debit card transaction. You can generate SBI debit card PIN through SMS, mobile banking, internet banking, calling SBI customer care, and by using the SBI ATM.

The SBI debit card PIN generation is necessary to do transactions with the card and it also protects you from fraudulent transactions in case your card is lost or stolen.

If you have received a new SBI debit card, the 4-digit debit card PIN generation is the first step to perform for security reasons.

In case you have received a new SBI debit card against your current or savings account, you must generate a new 4-digit debit card PIN for security reasons.

Read on to learn more about the ways to generate SBI debit card PIN and the steps required to generate a debit card PIN through SMS, mobile banking, internet banking, customer care, and ATM.

What are the Methods to Generate SBI Debit Card PIN?

The methods to generate SBI debit card PIN is listed below.

  1. SMS
  2. Mobile Banking
  3. Internet Banking
  4. Calling SBI Customer Care
  5. ATM

You will have to authorize your SBI debit card and generate a 4-digit PIN to use it for both physical and digital payments. You will also have to pick the best method at your convenience to generate the Debit Card PIN instantly. 

How to generate SBI Debit Card PIN through SMS?

To generate SBI debit card PIN through SMS, send an SMS to “567676” using your registered mobile number. The SMS format to generate an SBI debit card PIN is given below.

“PIN [debit card’s 4 digits] [bank account number’s last 4 numbers]”. 

The above SMS format generates the debit card PIN instantly.

How to generate SBI Debit Card PIN through Mobile Banking?

To generate SBI debit card PIN through mobile banking, you can use State Bank of India’s mobile app or  YONO App. Both these Apps are available on Apple Store and the Google Play Store. 

The steps to generate SBI debit card PIN is given below.

  • Install and set up the SBI YONO from Google Play or the Apple Store.
  • Use your SBI mobile banking username and password to login to the YONO App.
  • Tap on “Menu” and then choose the “Service Request” option, available in the “Quick Links” section.
  • Enter your “Profile Password” and click “Debit Card” or “ATM” services. 
  • Select “Activate Card” under the Debit Card/ATM section.
  • Select the account for which you are activating the Debit card. You will have to verify by entering the 16-digit debit card number.
  • Tap on “Next,” to get an OTP to your registered phone number with SBI Bank. 
  • Enter the OTP to generate the PIN.

How to generate SBI Debit Card PIN through Internet Banking/ SBI Net Banking?

To generate the SBI debit card PIN through Internet banking, log in to the SBI Internet banking and follow the steps provided below.

  • Open on your browser and enter the Username, password, and captcha and click on Login.
  • Click on “e-Services” under the main panel and choose “ATM Card Services”.
  • Under “ATM Card Services,” click on “ATM PIN Generation.”
  • Choose  “Using Profile Password” or “Use One Time Password”.
  • Enter the “Profile Password” and then press on “Submit.” or “enter the OTP” and press on Submit button.
  • Then, Choose “SBI Debit Card” and click “Confirm.”
  • A popup with the “ATM PIN Generation” interface will be displayed on the screen. Enter the two numbers that you receive via SMS and create a new Debit card PIN.
  • After successfully changing the debit card PIN, you will receive a successful PIN generation SMS on your registered number with the SBI bank.

If you are a new Debit card user, log in to Internet banking and click on the ‘Cards’ option, choose ‘Debit Cards’, and click on “Instant PIN Generation” under the “Request” tab. Then, enter your debit card number to create your SBI ATM/Debit card PIN, and then enter the OTP to verify.

How to generate SBI Debit Card PIN by Calling SBI Customer Care?

Generating SBI Debit Card PIN by calling SBI customer care is ideal for individuals who don’t have the internet. But you will have to visit an SBI ATM to get the job done. You will have to keep your SBI debit card number and account number handy before calling the customer support team. 

The steps to Generate SBI debit card PIN by Calling Customer Care is given below.

  • Call 1800 428 3800 or 1800 112 211 using the phone number registered with the SBI bank.
  •  Select your preferred language
  • Press 2 for Debit Card/ATM services.
  • Then, press 1 to generate or change the PIN.
  • Again, press 1 to generate the PIN or 2 to speak with the customer support representative.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the representative to get a temporary Debit Card PIN on the registered phone number.

The PIN provided to you is temporary and is valid for only 24 hours. So, visit the nearest SBI ATM to update the PIN.

How to generate SBI Debit Card PIN through ATM?

To generate SBI debit card PIN through ATM, follow the below steps.

  • Enter your SBI debit card into the SBI ATM machine.
  • Press the “PIN Generation” option on the screen.
  • Enter your 11-digit SBI account number and tap/select “Continue”.
  • Enter your registered phone number and click on “Confirm”.
  • You will receive the  OTP on your registered number. The OTP is valid for just 2 days.
  • Enter the OTP to create a 4-digit debit card/ATM PIN and click on ‘Confirm’.

A confirmation message popup will be displayed on the ATM screen after successful SBI PIN generation.

How to reset SBI Debit Card PIN?

There are two ways to reset your SBI debit card PIN — offline and online. The online method is the easiest method to reset your SBI debit card PIN.

To reset your SBI debit card PIN online, login to the SBI net banking and select Debit cards from the Cards tab. Now, head on to the Request tab and click on PIN reset/regeneration. Then, select your debit card, click on Continue, and select the reason for the debit card PIN change. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Visit the nearest SBI ATM and insert your debit card into the machine. Now, choose the SBI debit card new PIN generation using One Time Password. Enter the OTP that you have received. Then, enter your mobile number for verification and click on OK. Create a new ATM/Debit card PIN and choose Confirm.

Can SBI debit cards get blocked?

Yes, SBI debit cards can get blocked when you enter 3 or more times incorrect PINs while doing a transaction. There are other reasons too when the SBI ATM card is blocked including fraudulent transaction and suspicious activity.

You can unblock the SBI debit cards easily using internet banking and Yono App. The other methods to unblock State Bank of India debit cards include calling customer case, sending an SMS or email.


The State Bank of India provides many options to generate the debit card PIN. As a SBI customer, you can pick a PIN generation method based on your convenience and needs. Each of the above-provided methods is simple using which you can generate or change the debit card PIN in a hassle-free manner. 

In case of emergency, you can call SBI customer care 24/7 on the below given numbers for help and assistance.

SBI Toll Free Numbers

  • 1800 1234
  • 1800 2100
  • 1800 11 2211
  • 1800 425 3800

SBI Toll number

  • 080-26599990

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a PIN number for a SBI debit card?

Yes, you need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for a SBI debit card to authenticate Debit Card transactions.

Is it necessary to generate a debit card PIN?

Yes, it is necessary to generate a debit card PIN to make payments and transactions using your debit card.

When should you update the debit card PIN?

You should update your debit card PIN when your card is a part of a data breach. There’s no certain time frame for when you should change your debit card PIN, however, we would recommend changing the PIN once every quarter.

How can you update your SBI debit card PIN by SMS?

To update your SBI debit card PIN by SMS, send an SMS with the last four numbers of your debit card to 567676.

Why do SBI debit cards require a PIN?

SBI debit cards require a PIN to make payments/transactions. You won’t be able to make any transaction through your debit card if you don’t have the PIN.

What is SBI green PIN?

The SBI green PIN is an instant PIN which the bank sends on customer’s registered mobile number to set or reset the debit card PIN. The green PIN is valid for 24 to 72 hours depending upon the bank.

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