The SBI ATM response code is a number that gets printed on the transaction slip when you do a transaction at an SBI ATM terminal.

Generally, a Bank returns a two-digit or a three-digit response code for every transaction that is processed through the bank’s CAS payment gateway. These two-digit codes identify the reason why the payment was approved or declined by the bank.

sbi atm receipt showing response code

If you are a State Bank of India (SBI) customer, you must know about the different SBI response codes and how you should deal with them.

Since I am an SBI Debit card user, I have faced the same situation multiple times, and therefore, I know that there are huge SBI Debit card users facing the same SBI error codes problem, which they need to learn about.

In this guide, we will share the list of all SBI ATM error codes, what they mean, and how you can solve them while transacting at the SBI ATM terminals.

SBI ATM Response Codes and Their Solutions

SBI ATM Response Codes

The SBI ATM response codes are unique codes describing the status of the transaction which could be an error or a successful transaction. Being a State Bank of India (SBI) customer, you must learn what these error codes mean and how to solve them.

Let’s check out with an example!

If you have got 053 as the response code from the ATM, it that you have entered an incorrect PIN. You can try making the transaction again using the correct PIN. Also, if a wrong PIN is entered three times consecutively, your ATM card will automatically get blocked for the next 24 hours.

Here’s a list of all the SBI ATM response codes with their description.

SBI Error CodesSBI Response Code Meaning
0Transaction is Successful
1Transaction is Successful
4Capture Card
5Do Not Honour
6Pin Data Not Available
7Pick Up
14Invalid card Number
19Re-Enter Transaction
30Error Format
33Expired is Card
36Restricted or Blocked Card
39No Credit Account
41Lost Card Pick Up
42Invalid Account
50Unauthorized Usage
51Card is Expired
52Card is Invalid
53WDL AMT has already reached
54The entered PIN is Incorrect
55Ineligible Transaction
56Ineligible Account
57Transaction Not Supported
58Insufficient funds / Invalid Txn
59Insufficient funds
60Usage Limit Exceeds
61WDL Limit Would Be Exceeded
62Pin Tries Exceeds
63Reached Withdrawal Amount Limit
64Invalid Credit Card Cash Advance Amount
65No Information for Statement
68External Decline
70System Error
71Contact Card Issuer
72Destination Not Available
73Routing Loopback
74Message Edit Error
76Dormant Account
77Account is locked
78Inoperative Account
79Acct Not Connected to ATM Card
80System Not Available
88Unable To Process Your Card
89Acquirer limit exceeds
93Minor Acct
94Insufficient Funds
95Insufficient- mod-funds
96Drawing Power
99Timed Out
100unable to Process Transaction
105Card Not Supported
106Exceeded PIN Tries
107Daily Usage Limit Reached
112Pin Data Required – Contact Helpline
114Invalid Account
116Insufficient Funds
117Incorrect Pin
118No Card Record
119Invalid Trxn
121Exceed Withdrawal Amount
122Security Violation
148Card Blocked
149Card Blocked
150Blocked Card
151Expired Card
168External decline
201Incorrect Pin
204Enter Lesser Amount
206CAF Not Found
208Lost Or Stolen Card
903CAF Status 3
909System Malfunction
911Response Received Too Late
912Host Not Available
993Unable to Verify Pin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 068 external decline?

You will get a 068 SBI response code when you have exhausted the monthly withdrawal limit. Usually, the limit for ATM transactions in a month is 4 times only. Check our article on how to fix SBI ATM error 068 external decline.

What is the SBI error code 112?

The SBI error code 112 means that you have entered an invalid PIN for your card, and therefore, your transaction has been declined.

What does SBI ATM response code 088 mean?

The SBI ATM response code 88 means that the machine couldn’t read your card, which could be due to a fault with the chip or magnetic strip on the card. You should clean the card chip with a clean cloth and retry, and if it fails to read again, visit another ATM.

What does SBI ATM error code 150 mean?

You will get the response code 150 when you are setting the Debit card PIN, and for some reason, it is not successful. Your card will be blocked with a display message: “Your card is blocked.”

What is SBI ATM error code 057?

Error code 57 means “Function Not Permitted to the cardholder,” and you will see this SBI ATM response code when you are using your credit card for a transaction that is not allowed by your bank.

What does SBI ATM response code 78 mean?

The SBI ATM response code 78 indicates a declined transaction, which could be due to a dormant or inoperative account, reported lost or stolen card, or when the transaction amount exceeds the card’s limit. You can also get this SBI error code if your Debit Card EVM chip is damaged.

What does SBI ATM error code 050 mean?

The error code 050 on SBI ATM means that the SBI account linked to your card is compromised, and you should contact your bank ASAP to ensure that your money is safe and secure with the bank.

What does SBI error code 077 mean?

The SBI error code 077 means that your account is locked, and you must contact your SBI home branch to reactivate it again.

What does SBI ATM error code 055 mean?

You will get this code in SBI ATM when you enter the wrong PIN code for your card. You only need to retry the transaction using a valid SBI debit card PIN.

What is SBI ATM error code 052?

You get the SBI error code 051 when your credit card provider declines your transaction when the cheque account associated with your credit card doesn’t exist.

What does SBI ATM error code 071 mean?

Usually, the error code 071 is displayed when the ATM note cassette is empty or when the currency is not fit for withdrawal.

What does ATM response code 072 mean?

The response code 072 means that the bank server couldn’t read the instructions punched in the ATM terminal to the mapped account. You will only see this Error if you have an old debit card.

What does Error code 089 mean?

The error code 089 means that the acquirer limit has been exceeded. You will get this error code when you are withdrawing cash through different bank cards in other bank ATMs where the transaction limit is below Rs 10,000 per transaction. To solve this problem, enter the amount less than Rs 10,000/-.

What does SBI ATM error code 053?

If your transaction through a credit card was linked to a savings account that you have already closed, then you will get error code 053 at the SBI ATM.

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