sb001 sbi yono technical error

To resolve SB001 technical error in SBI Yono App, check the internet connectivity, update the app, clear data and cache, restart the device.

The SBI001 technical error is an issue with the Yono app that restrict users from carrying out particular transactions in the app or accessing any particular features.

The SBI YONO App shows SB001 technical error due to the bank’s security feature of SIM binding which only allows customers with registered mobile number with the SBI to create account on the App to prevent and control fraud transactions.

If you are getting “SB001 Technical Error, Please Try Later” on your SBI account on the Yono app? If so, read below to know in detail about troubleshooting the issue:

The SBI 001 Technical Error: What does it mean?

SBI 001 Technical Error Yono App

When a new user try to register on the Yono app, some of them would receive an error message that states, “SB001 Technical Error, Please Try Later.” This error in increasingly becoming frequent. 

While the bank officials have said that this error is a temporary glitch and will be resolved soon, you can easily fix this error on your own and register the account smoothly in the app. The SB001 technical issue occurs mainly because of SIM binding, which is the bank’s security feature. 

The SIM binding will allow only customers with registered numbers in the bank to create accounts in the Yono app. This security feature controls any fraudulent registration and transaction. However, at times, the users may face SB001 errors even while using their registered mobile number on the bank account.

How To Fix YONO SBI SB001 Technical Error?

Fixing the SBI SB001 technical issue on the Yono app is very simple. Just follow any of the six suggestions given below:

Checking Internet Connection

Make sure you have strong and consistent internet connection to avoid technical glitches. If needed check your internet connectivity speed. If you find slow internet speed move to places where the connection is strong or restart the Wi-Fi or mobile data. 

Clear Cache Data

Most often, clearing the cache itself will resolve the issue on the app. If you are using an Android device, then follow the given steps to resolve the SB001 technical error in the Yono app:

  • Close the Yono app and remove the app from the background.
  • Now, go to your smartphone settings and then Apps, and then choose “Manage apps.”
  • From the app list search for Yono SBI and click on it to get the info of Yono SBI App.
  • If you prefer a simple process to get app info, then long press the Yono SBI app and click the “i” icon.
  • Now, choose Clear Data and then click on the Clear Cache option.
  • The cache will be cleared. Now, restart your smartphone and login to the YONO App.

Check if the technical error is resolved. If the problem is solved, then you can happily use the app, but if you still find the same technical error, you have to reinstall or update the app.

Update or Reinstall the Application

Follow the given steps to update the Yono SBI app:

  • Open the App Store if you are using iPhone or Google Play Store if you are using Android device.
  • In the search box, type Yono SBI app and press the search button
  • The app will appear. Click the Update option if there is any update option available. 
  • After you update the device, restart it.
  • Now, open the Yono SBI app.

Most often, technical errors are resolved. If you don’t find any update option, then reinstall the app by following the given steps:

  • Uninstall the Yono SBI app.
  • Open the App Store if you are using iPhone or Google Play Store if you are using Android device.
  • In the search box, type Yono SBI app and press the search button
  • You will get the app, now press the install button.
  • Open the Yono SBI app after the installation process is completed.
  • Allow all the Required Permissions and choose the Existing SBI Customer if you have the relevant SBI banking details. 
  • Now, choose the SIM that is linked to your account.
  • SMS charges may apply, so make sure you have sufficient balance. 
  • Click Next after the selection process.
  • Enter your username and password in the app and press the submit button.
  • Now, on your bank account linked registered number you will get an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP on the app and click next.
  • Finally, enter the mPIN if needed.

Now, the technical error in your app would be rectified.

Restart the Device

Simply restart the device, refresh the system or relaunch the Yono SBI app to rectify the technical glitches. If after following all this above mentioned suggestions your technical issue is not solved then contact the SBI customer care and get the necessary assistance.

Contacting Customer Support

You can call SBI customer care on their toll-free numbers or contact them through email. 

The SBI toll-free numbers are:

  • 1800-11-2211
  • 1800-425-3800
  • 080-26599990


How To Prevent SB001 Technical Error in SBI Yono App?

Here are some of the ways you can prevent SB001 technical errors in the SBI Yono app:

  • Install the YONO SBI app only on the registered mobile number that is linked to the account.
  • Keep the registered SIM in the slot if you use dual SIM.
  • Install the latest version of the Yono SBI app.
  • While installing the Yono SBI app, give the app all the permissions that were requested.
  • Make sure your time, date, and location are precise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What triggers the technical SB001 error in YONO App?

The reasons for SB001 technical error may include network problem, using outdated app, jailbroken or rooted device, uncleared cache and data or sometimes the temporary glitches in the Yono SBI app or server. 

What should I do if the technical SB001 problem keeps occurring?

If the SB001 technical problem keeps occurring, check the internet connectivity, update the app, clear data and cache, restart the device, or contact customer support.

Is the technological error SB001 a frequent problem?

Yes, the technological error SB001 has become a frequent problem when users try to register on the Yono SBI app.


The Yono SBI app is a well-functional app but at times creating an account in the app may become little tough with technical error like SB001. This error can occur even if you rightly follow the procedures and provide exact information about yourself. Just follow the above mentioned steps to resolve this technical error. 

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