Quant Mutual Fund Front-Running Case: What is It, Why is SEBI Investigating, and Should Investors be Worried?

Quant Mutual Fund, the fast-growing MF in the country, is under investigation by the market watchdog SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The investigation process started after the mutual fund was suspected of front-running.

The case has attracted the attention of many people because of how they handle mutual funds operations. It also sparked many concerns among investors about the security of their MF investments.

Read on to learn more about this case, the investors’ repercussions, and the reason behind the SEBI investigation.

What is Front Running? 

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Front running is an illegal process where a person, typically an insider or a professional broker, executes orders on security for their own benefit, according to the knowledge of all the pending orders from the customers.

This is an unethical practice that enables individuals to gain profit through the expected cost movement, which will be caused by the customer’s order. When it comes to “mutual funds”, front running takes place when an individual has information about a massive trade that will be made by the funds, which is used for selling and purchasing securities.

The front runner will likely know about this information in advance of the money’s transactions. This type of activity can distort the entire market and will lead to unfair profits for the person performing front-running activities. This practice is completely illegal, and the SEBI has restricted this type of activity from taking place.

What Happened in the Quant Mutual Fund Case?

The surveillance system of SEBI found a case of front-running practices by entities who were well aware of what exactly Quant Mutual Fund was going to sell and purchase.

SEBI suspects that the executives of Quant Mutual Fund, who were well-informed about the time of execution and the order’s size, have shared sensitive information about the impending trade order with all the suspected beneficiaries.

Why is SEBI Investigating Quant Mutual Fund?

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SEBI is investigating Quant Mutual Fund for a front-running case to make sure that everything is secure within the securities market. Their mandate also includes preserving the goodness of the market and defending the interests of all investors.

The case related to Quant Mutual Fund has struck at the main part of all these objectives, which made SEBI conduct an investigation. Below are some of the primary aspects that led to SEBI’s inspection.

  • Regulatory Compliance: All mutual funds must follow strict regulations and rules that administer all trade-related activities. Not following these norms will lead to supervisory involvement to prevent violations from occurring in the future and ensure obedience.
  • Protecting the Investors: SEBI makes sure that all the interests of the investors are secure and safe. Activities, such as gaining information for personal benefit, will have an adverse effect on the investors. This is a severe break of trust and should be addressed without delay.
  • Market Veracity: Front running is known to weaken the trust when it comes to market fairness. When the MF’s associates or the MF itself is engrossed in illegal approaches, such as “front running”, it will reduce the confidence among the institutional and retail investors.

What does SEBI’s Investigation Process include?

The investigation work of SEBI includes the following stages:

  • Initial Inquiry: Scrutinise all the initial signs of illegal trading approaches with the help of market surveillance systems and data analysis.
  • Perform Detailed Inspection: When preliminary findings have shown potential misconduct, SEBI will launch a detailed inspection. This will include interviewing all the personnel, inspecting the communication logs, and reviewing the trading records.
  • Supervisory Actions: According to the things found during the inspection, SEBI will opt for different actions that range from suspensions to financial penalties. However, during serious cases, it will also opt for criminal proceedings.

Now, in the case of Quant Mutual Fund, SEBI is investigating all the transaction records carefully and trying to detect the patterns of front-running. This includes tracing the flow of transactions and information to decide whether or not the parties involved have exploited the sensitive information for illegal profit.

What are the Clarifications Made by Quant Mutual Fund?

Once the news about the SEBI investigation on front-running was announced, Quant Mutual Fund came forward and provided a clear and strong clarification. They declared that they would cooperate with SEBI on the probe.

Quant also said that they are a regulated entity and is completely ready to cooperate with the regulator during all reviews or inspections.

Quant Mutual Fund also said that it will provide furnish information and support to SEBI on an as-needed and periodic basis. In this way, Quant aims to show their unwavering commitment towards integrity and transparency.

How will this Quant Running Case Impact all the investors?

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Founder of Credence Wealth Advisors LLP, Kirtan Shah, posted his opinion on “X” (formerly Twitter), the Quant Mutual Fund, by saying that the company has massive cap investments on both mid and small funds.

As per the article titled “Explained: Why is Sebi probing Quant MF and how will it impact investors?” in Business Standard around 10% of each of these funds are invested in Reliance alone, and the liquidity here is also known as an issue. There will be selling in small and medium-sized stocks, which the Quant Mutual Fund holds, and it’s expected that the funds will underperform in the near term.

Many investors are still curious to find out what will happen to all the funds in the long run. Well, if SEBI finds out that Quant MF is using the front-running approach, it will lead to the below impacts.

  • Redemptions will occur
  • The flow will reduce
  • There will be near-term underperformance

However, Quant’s method of choosing stocks is working pretty well, and when the funds start to provide returns, the investors will surely make a profit.


The case of Quant Mutual Fund points out the significance of regulatory oversight and ethical approaches within the mutual sector. Even though this type of case can be quite worrying for many investors, they also show how quickly regulatory bodies SEBI take action to protect market integrity.

For all the investors, it’s important to stay attentive and well-informed while the supervisors and the industry work together to strengthen clarity and trust. This helps support the operation of the financial markets.

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