You can download the SBI bank statement from the SBI website or the YONO app. The other ways to get the SBI statement include SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, and branch visits.

Whether you have a current or savings account you can download online bank statements from the SBI website or the YONO app.

Read on to learn how to download the SBI bank statement online and the other ways to get the statement on your WhatsApp, phone, and email.

How To Download SBI Bank Statement?

The best way to download the SBI bank statement is through the SBI YONO App. However, you can also log in to the SBI internet banking and download the statement for the required period.

You can also get your SBI statement offline by visiting the branch or using SMS and WhatsApp banking.

Here are the easy ways to get your SBI Statement online and offline.

sbi statement download using SBI internet banking

Download SBI Statement Through Internet Banking

To download SBI bank statements through Internet banking follow the below steps.

  • Open the SBI Net banking portal and log in. 
  • Click on “My Accounts” to view the account statement. A page with an account statement will then show up.
  • Choose the account that will have a statement created on the account statement page.
  • Select the duration of the statement. You can choose the timeframe by month or by date.
  • Choose whether you want to download, print, or view the account statement. The account statement will be available for download in PDF file format.
  • Finally, click on GO to download the statement.
Download the SBI Bank Statement Through the SBI Yono App

Download the SBI Bank Statement Through the SBI Yono App

You can get your SBI Bank statement through the Yono App by following the below steps.

  • Download the SBI Yono App on your mobile and enter your User ID and Password.
  • Click “My Accounts” and enter your account number then you will be directed to view your account statement.
  • Now the accounts statement will be viewed on the mobile screen which you can download by clicking on the “Passbook” icon.
  • The Account Statement will now be saved on your mobile.

Here’s our video on downloading SBI bank statement from YONO App.

Other Ways To Get SBI Bank Statement

other ways to download sbi statement

Get SBI Mini Statement on Whatsapp Number

You can get your SBI mini-statement containing the latest ten transactions by simply chatting with SBI Bank’s official WhatsApp number.

Simply, send “Hello’ to the SBI WhatsApp Banking number +919022690226 and click on the get mini statement option to view your last five transactions.

Remember that this service allows you to chat on WhatsApp only using your registered mobile number.

Get the SBI Statement Through SMS

You can also get your SBI Bank Statement for the last 6 months of your account by sending an SMS. It will be sent to your registered mail ID as a password-encrypted PDF file.

Simply, Send an SMS ‘ESTMT <space> <Account Number> <space> <code> to 09223588888. You will only receive the transaction data if you send this SMS from the registered phone number associated with your SBI Bank account.

Get SBI Statement Through SBI ATM

Now, you can get your SBI bank statements through SBI ATMs as well. Although the procedure may differ significantly based on the ATM model.

  • Go to any SBI ATM and insert your debit card.
  • Enter your PIN to continue.
  • From the menu, select an option for the account statement.
  • Select the duration and the account for which you would need the statement.
  • You can print your bank statement from the ATM.
  • Customers who prefer hard copies of their bank statements find this option helpful. 

Check Your Registered Email For Monthly Statement

State Bank of India also sends the monthly statements of your bank account to your registered email. The statement you get in your email is in PDF format and you need the SBI statement password to open the statement.

  • Open your registered email account’s inbox.
  • Look for your bank’s name in your inbox.
  • Open the email with these details, like the transaction summary or account statement.
  • Download the attached PDF file.
  • Enter your password using the exact format specified in the email.

However, if you are not getting sbi statement on your mail then follow this guide “how to get SBI account statement on email” to start getting your statement on your registered email id.

Get Statement by visiting the SBI Branch

You can always get bank statements by visiting the closest SBI branch. Although this approach would necessitate physical presence and might not be as practical as online alternatives, it guarantees individualized support from bank employees and instant access to statements.

Is there a charge to download SBI bank statements?

SBI typically does not charge a fee for bank statement downloads. For approval, check the terms and restrictions of your particular account type.

Are downloading SBI Bank Statements from Mobile Apps Safe?

Yes, downloading SBI bank statements from SBI mobile apps is safe. SBI uses strong security measures to guarantee the security of its customer’s information. Mobile apps and other internet platforms also use encryption and authentication techniques to safeguard private information during transmission and storage.

Can you download statements for several accounts at once?

Yes, you can download statements for several accounts at once using SBI’s online platforms, such as Internet banking and Yono App, if you have multiple accounts.

How can I know my last 5 transactions in SBI?

You can know your last 5 transactions in SBI by giving missed call or by sending SMS to 9223866666.


Now you have a clear idea of how to download an SBI bank statement in different ways. By using these handy options, you can successfully manage your finances and be updated about your transactions.

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